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Help to Anastasia!

Anastasia Prosvirina is 14 years old and she lives in Sochi ( Russia). She is only 14 but her diagnosis is very poor. It is osteogenic sarcoma of the distal metadiafiza left femur, 2-d phase.The girl needs to be operated, but her parents are not rich and they have no money to pay for it.
It`s necessary to raise for an operation 50 000$ and for chemotherapy before and after surgery 100 000$ – 120 000 $ in Israeli clinic. If you can help Anastasia, don`t pass by, please! Help the girl to survive!

Send money:


WMZ Z189125078266 -

WMR R177358088952 -
russian rouble

WME E267282627744 - 

яндекс-кошелёк: 41001776787232


address bank

 Сбербанк Юго-Западного СБ РФ Лазаревское ОСБ 1849

IBAN - 30301840520000603027
invoice - 42307.840.6.3027.6000525
BIC - 046015602
Recipient - Prosvirina Yana
(Просвирина Яна Геннадеьевна)

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